[REBLOGGED] Consciousness: Breakdown Or Breakthrough?

Für Fans von Nietzsche oder Julian Jaynes ein paar kluge und innovative Gedanken. In Vorbereitung auf meinen nächsten Blogeintrag, Thema geht Richtung „Volkspsychotherapie“.

Think On These Things

The reason for this is that humans are disposed to seek comfort and to redress a lost intrapsychic equilibrium using speech-thought, the very technique that created self-accessibility and the resulting predicament. -Zoltan Torey

To Eastern eyes, Western Man might look as though he has gone berserk. Is this too dramatic, given that the word comes from the Norse term for a frenzied warrior who flew into battle either naked or without armor and who was possessed by a godlike, demonic, or perhaps beast-like fury? Surely this wild-eyed picture of a beast-man bears no resemblance to the modern businessman? “If we appear as wolves,” he might respond, “it is only because you are all sheep, mistaking a canine manager for a pack-hunting carnivore!” Each cultural perspective apprehends that something rather dramatic is missing in its counterpart. They both seem to be keeping an „open mind,“ but in different senses of that…

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